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King Abdullah II of Jordan,”Special Interview to”YES URDU.”


Sptember, 26, 2018
(Europe International Media)
Europe(Interview By Chief Ikram uddin)The Jordanian King said about European countries that Europe is one of our main partners, particularly Europe’s role in preventing the increasing Islamophobia in the world,This poison is based on false and wrong ideas which is being fed by extremists Therefore,It is very important for us to explain that what is meant to be a Muslim and like me several other Muslims which have been taught from childhood is that our religion care and respect others.Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that one of the names of Allah Almighty is”Rahman” and “Rahim” Every day in my life,I listen to “Assalamualaikum” which means that peace with you.

Thousands of years ago before the Geneva Convention,Orders were made to Muslim soldiers that no child and woman would be killed in the war and will not even harm a tree,No religious preacher will be harmed, no one house will be destroyed,These are Islam those values which are taught to ​​us from childhood in Schools,Do not destroy any place where God is worshiped,not a mosque,Church and a Jewish place of worship,These are the values ​​that I have taught my children and then they will transfer them to their children.During the interview given to the “YES URDU”King of Jordan Abdullah II said that,”I am angry with recent events which happened that Christian and minority populations have been attacked, it is not just against humanity but also against Islam.”Arab Christians are an essential part of our region’s past,present and future.Jordan is a Muslim country in which the root of the Christian community is deep, Jordan’s people have created an unbelievable community with partners and friends to build the country together. Muslims role in universal harmony is important, Our beliefs as the same as you command us to have mercy,peace and endurance.Our belief teach us to maintain the respect of every male and female, neighbour and stranger.Those who disbelieve in this truth,have been completely rejected by the oceans of a billion and a half million muslims.Actually these terrorists have made muslims their biggest target We will not allow them to hijack our belief. King of Jordan Abdullah II further said,”It is our duty to tell the world the meaning of being Muslims through the easiest way of social media.Let’s all Muslim countries tell Europe via Facebook that”This is the real Islam”At the end He thanks the Chief of European International Media a Well known journalist ikram uddin and the entire team of”YES URDU”and said that May Allah keep”YES URDU”established and maintained because the European International Media and the”YES URDU” raised muslims voice on international basis all the time.May Allah unite all Muslims and Allah may grant guidance to all the infidels.

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