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P&G’s trailblazing #WeSeeEqual Dialogue pushes for gender equality in Pakistan


“Hugs don’t care who give them. Equations don’t care who solve them. Tears don’t care who cry them. Science doesn’t care who studies it. Diapers don’t care who change them… Households don’t care who head them… Equal pay doesn’t care who demands it!”

Female participants at P&G we see equal dialogue

Does it ring a bell? This thought provoking TVC was launched under P&G’s #WeSeeEqual campaign, in 2017. The crux of the campaign was to spark conversations which are powerful enough to steer a change. A change that leads to a society free of gender bias that believes in equal representation and an equal voice for both, women and men.

Participatns sharing their views

Companies with a global footprint such as Procter & Gamble have an opportunity to aspire impactful societal shifts thereby fostering an environment where diversity, inclusion and gender parity is essential to build a better world for all of us. P&G has been long-time global advocate of women empowerment and gender parity. The company has helped shape, empower as well as challenge longstanding societal perceptions of women.
Via their myriad cogent programmes, including advertising campaigns, they are striving to break gender myths by introducing talent systems that recognise individuals based on their skills rather than their genders. Not only this, their past adverts have strived to challenge gender stereotypes, be it their Pamper’s #DadsCanChange, Always #AlwaysAzaad, #MyFutureStartsToday and Karo Yaqeen or their Pantene’s #StrongIsBeautiful campaign.

Women’s Day is all about celebrating the achievements of women in various spheres of life, however if we are to really look back at the struggles and socio-economic progress of women throughout the history… we still have a long way to go.
P&G Pakistan recently invited us to a much needed event, #WeSeeEqual Dialogue that engaged some leading voices who shared their perspectives on gender equality in its many facets including women’s economic empowerment. They highlighted the importance of championing male advocates of gender equality and spoke about the factors that are holding women back from equal representation in the workplace.
The panel speakers included prominent personalities such as Sami Ahmed (Vice President P&G Pakistan), Fareeha Ummar (Portfolio Manager, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihood, UN Women Pakistan), Javed Jabbar (former Federal Minister and Senator), as well as Samina Baig (UNDP National Goodwill Ambassador and President, Pakistan Youth Outreach Foundation).

Panel Discussion at P&G we see equal dialogue

The P&G #WeSeeEqual Dialogue brought together various other foreign mission representatives, corporate, business and government leaders, intelligentsia, media professionals as well as influencers who can play a key role in enabling the progress of gender equality in the country.

Panel Discussion at P&G we see equal dialogue 2

What intrigued us the most was to witness how P&G not only voices its opinion on international community impact forums, but also promotes gender equality internally within the workplace as well. Upholding strong values of diversity within its organisation, P&G has created a supportive environment and inclusive culture for men and women, where everyone can contribute to their full potential.
It’s heartening to see how the Company is focused on changing the narratives of innumerous girls and women. Through its social cause programs, P&G has partnered with UN Women and Health Oriented Preventive Education (HOPE) for women’s skill-development and girls’ education. The global packaged good company is all geared up to change the lives of 10,000 women and girls who will receive vocational training and quality secondary education in semi-urban/rural areas of Pakistan over the span of three years.

Five centers have been established so far, reaching over 6000 women and girls, and 52 women have received skill development and financial literacy trainings, enabling them to set up small-scale business ventures in Sialkot. This awakening moment made us realise how prevalent, but underrated this alarming issue is in a third world country like Pakistan. It is not very often when corporate giants become the catalyst for building a better world by making efforts to improve the lives of girls as well as their families.

Furthermore, they have worked towards changing the lives of several underprivileged communities in Pakistan by educating approximately 4000 girls residing in the slums and rural areas of the country. P&G is also supporting the US-Pakistan Women’s Council’s (USPWC) mission to promote the economic participation of women in the workforce in Pakistan.

P&G’s trailblazing #WeSeeEqual Dialogue pushes for gender equality in Pakistan

Towards the end of the evening, it suddenly occurred to us that we use their products daily in our kitchen, to wash our clothes and even to diaper our babies. However, it is not only their products that make our lives better but also the fact that they are shaping our lives with their meaningful initiatives. So, the choice to trust P&G products in our homes helps them make a difference around the world—where they can impact lives more than ever.

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