Thursday, June 23

PTI to take up ‘crucial issue’ in parliament: Mazari

PTI, to, take, up, ‘crucial, issue’, in, parliament:, Mazari



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will take up the ‘crucial issue’ of Pakistan joining the Saudi-led military alliance in parliament.

PTI MNA Dr Shireen Mazari revealed this while talking to The Express Tribune on Friday.

“The big question is why parliament was not consulted on such a major issue given the earlier parliament’s resolution,” she said.

The April 2015 parliament resolution had urged the government to stay neutral to Riyadh’s demands to join its military campaign in Yemen.

Mazari termed the development ‘damaging’ for the country, adding it would make Pakistan a ‘party’ to the ongoing Arab conflict.

She said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government had a habit of taking such important foreign policy decisions secretly.

Mazari also rejected the Foreign Office statement of March 30 that the alliance would not impact the country’s neutral stance on Middle East affairs.

She said, the alliance is premised on sectarian foundation and will impact Pakistan’s position in the Arab region.

She said parliament had unanimously chosen to not side with any bloc in the ongoing conflict.

“The PML-N has not even informed parliament about Pakistani troops stationed on Saudi-Yemen border,” she lamented.

The house was also not consulted before granting a No Objection Certificate to former army chief Raheel Sharif to head the alliance.

“This approach clearly depicts that Sharifs often take such important decisions behind closed doors,” she said.

The PTI will register its strong protest in the upcoming sessions of the lower and upper houses of parliament.

About the possible fallout of recent decisions in Pakistan, she said, it would add to sectarian polarisation as well as greater instability.

She said PTI will compel the government to reveal the factor behind such an extraordinary decision without parliament’s consent.

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