Friday, August 5

PUBG: Players can use drones to make vehicles fly


The most popular online game, Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has recently introduced a new Arctic Mode, allowing users to take control of drones that can be used to scout for enemies.

However, some enterprising players have managed to figure out a way to make vehicles fly by using drone that was added in the new mode.

By using three to four drones, the user places them under his car, continuing to pull the drone together in the air, along with the car, digit reported

Ideally, players should use three drones as the fourth member of the squad can then take a ride and take potshots at enemies. However, coordination between the drone operators is quite important as otherwise, the vehicle may become unstable.

Players can use this trick to lift a vehicle into the air by synchronizing the movement of drones and can surprise the enemies by dropping the flying car over them.

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